How to Receive SMS on Your Computer

SMS technology is a developing communication method for delivery of important and brief information as plain text messages. It is commonly used in everyday life; however, SMS messaging is far more than just a tool for teenage communication. It is highly recognized by the business world. Its popularity is due to its simplicity and efficiency

Smart Phone or Tablet – The Pros and Cons

Mobile computing is a big deal nowadays. People have grown to like the constant connectivity that mobile internet has given them. Being able to constantly access the web has plenty of advantages, from being able to get your email any time you want, to getting directions and online shopping. And there are plenty of options

Facebook, a less known feature – “Facebook Email”

  Do you have a Facebook profile? If yes, did you know that you have a secret email id? I am really glad to hear the answer if it is “NO”. Facebook provide an email address to each and every person registered in it. Your Facebook Email address is your <Facebook>  You can use

Free,Disposable,Permanent – The triple role email address providers

Nowadays people use disposable Email addresses to do many things because no one want to link  their primary Email with some kind of websites  for security reasons or for preventing spam. There are many free disposable Email providers over the net provides free disposable Email service , for example: GuerillaMail,FakeInbox,Jetable etc,most of them provide throw away ids,

Get More from Google – Google’s Hidden Apps

Today we’re going through some of the products from Google labs.But before going into that lets take a look what is Google labs? Google labs are the products,created from the great ideas by Google engineers that aren’t ready for prime time.By showcasing their ideas they get feedback from people and will improve it further.Currently they

How to keep your computer running at maximum performance

Although there are many things that can affect the performance of your computer, there are a few simply things you can do each month to help keep your computer running at maximum performance. This article will focus on two problems that impact the performance of your computer and will then explain what you can do

Understanding the difference between free and paid web hosting services

There are basically two forms of web hosting service. One is the free web hosting service and the other one is the paid web hosting service. Today, you can easily come across so many free web hosting services on the internet. You also usually come across paid hosting advertisements which boast of various unique hosting